Dnt Text n Drive


This video is an interview of Dr. Melissa Terlecki in the Psychology Department and her thoughts towards Texting and Driving.


 More than 3,300 deaths occur every year due to distracted driving. It only takes few seconds of having your eyes off the road to check a text. That is enough time to cause a serious accident. It has been shown that one is 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident when texting behind the wheel. Texting while driving a 2,000 pound vehicle is putting your life and the lives around you in danger. People do a lot of careless things while behind the wheel; texting and driving being #1 on the list. This is a problem mostly towards teens. They clearly know the dangers of it, but choose to do it anyway. Smart-phones are becoming a problem, because they are rarely seen out of sight when it comes to young drivers today.

Many teens believe that they are more capable to respond to a text while driving rather than drink and drive, but research shows that texting while driving is actually more dangerous. It has become a deadly habit. Habits form when we do something so often that it becomes automatic, sometimes even compulsive or involuntary.Even if you are not the one texting and driving, we still can’t control how others drive on the roads. Getting in an accident due to texting and driving will not only change your live, but everyone around you.